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Eaglestar Developed Unconscious Payment Refueling Solution

Mac 2023-03-02

Time is money. If we carefully analyze the refueling process of car owners at the gas station, the payment time is the most ineffective period for car owners and gas stations. After refueling is completed, the car owner hopes to hit the road as soon as possible, and the gas station hopes to start the next refueling operation as soon as possible, so as to obtain more customers. Gas station owners do not want customers to drive away to find another station to fill up because of long lines. In order to solve this sore point Eaglestar develops an Unconscious Payment Refueling Solution. It can save the time of the car owners and improve the efficiency of refueling for the gas station.


Eaglestar Unconscious Payment Refueling Solution integrates Payment System and Identification System. The Payment System supports the most popular payment platforms, such as Alipay, Wechat and UnionPay cards, allowing customers to pay and leave the gas station in an instant. The Identification System is composed of Nozze Wireless Reader and Vehicle Electronic Identification, which can meet the security requirements of customers and gas stations. At the same time, the Identification System has safety, durability, accuracy and environmental adaptability.


The system also benefits transportation companies and large companies that have a large number of vehicles. It can obtain refueling record easily and accurately, and reduce vehicle management costs, and improve the efficiency of the company's operation.


If you are interested in our Unconscious Payment Refueling Solution and want to learn about the details,please contact us.