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LNG Dispenser

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)Dispenser is the equipment for refuelling and easuring LNG. With our own long-term practical experience, we design and anufactur this new product by absorbing domestic and foreign technology.


Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG) Dispenser

Electrical control system mounted on the LNG dispenser is developed by EAGLESTAR. And dispenser allocates vacuum thermal Insulating pipeline and vacuum refueling tube, compatible serial mass flow meter, C card and bll printer(optional), machinery and electrical snap.

Cabinet is made of stainless steel, convenient for maintenance and aesthetic in appearance.

The whole set is of explosion protection and ensures safety and reliability.

Adoption of USA Emerson cryogenic liquid mass flow meter insures accuracy, with mass/volume filling mode optional.

Different kinds of LNG filling nozzles and return gas nozzles can be chose and could match most of the LNG vehicles.

High brightness LCD screen displays clear fonts.

Preset quantificational and non-quantificational filling modes are optional.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)provide protection to data in case of sudden power failure,and could prolonged display or redisplay the data.

The station control system could monitor and control the dispenser through the data exchanged and transmitted between them.


General Functions

Display unit price, volume and sum with high brilliance back light in both two-side LCD or touchable screen.

Explosion-proof design: intrinsic safety and isolating safety.

Cabinet: stainless steel, adopting vacuum pipeline.

Cryogenic valve is controlled automatically, with function of possessing precooling and refueling by One touch.

Stop automatically after refueling completed.

Refuel by preset volume.

Measuring by mass and volume.

Breakaway coupling.

PTC function.

Save data automatically after power cut, display data lingeringly.

Dispenser with IC card has function of IC card management, auto settlement and favorable unit pnce.

Data transferred in long-distance.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification


LNG(Liquefied Natural Gas)

Ambient humidity


Flow rate






Temp. of pipeline


Working pressure




Power supply

220V+10-15%, 50Hz±1Hz

Working power

220VAC 5A

Power rate


Min. reading range

0.01 kg,L,Nm3

Power supply

220V, 50HZ

Single volume range


Ambient temperature


Total volume range


Expl.proof number


Expl.proof marking


Refueling hose

1 inch,4m,SS vacuum hose

Gas phase recovery hose

1/2 inch,4m,SS hose

Refueling quick disconnect coupling

1 inch, special design for LNG

Gas phase tube joint

1/2 inch,quick coupling

Installation manual
Case pictures
  • EGX fuel dispenser | for industrial customers | Eaglestar
  • EGX fuel dispenser | for industrial customers | Eaglestar