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Intelligent petro card fuel management system

Eaglestar intelligent petro card fuel management system provides an overall solution for individual station and network stations. Both petro card and loyalty card are combined together to focus on various customers from VIP group customers to individual customers.


The intelligent petro card system can help the oil companies and petrol station as follows

Offer flexible payment mode to make the fueling easily and rapidly, which can significantly improve the service for retail customers.

Prepayment can bring the presales. It can increase the sales for the petrol stations.

Both intelligent petro card and loyalty card are much useful for different customers. Petro card for prepayment, loyalty card for cash sales.

For petro card, the system can issue Master card and Daughter card to help VIP companies to manage the fleet fuel consumption to avoid fuel loss.

All the sales payment goes to petrol station account directly instead of much cash flow to reduce cash risks.

Full self-service refueling, reducing labor costs and reducing management costs.

One good channel to print company LOGO on petrol card for advertisement.


Eaglestar petrol card system has rich features for customers management and operations managements for different scale petrol stations.

The system can communicate with different fuel dispensers. it can manage 64 nozzles at the same time in one station.

The system can communicate with different brands Auto Tank Gauging (ATG). It can manage 16 tanks at the same time.

A single station can issue up to 100 million cards at a large scale.

EGX fuel dispenser | for industrial customers | Eaglestar

Function module

FC (front counter) POS system

Indoor/Outdoor monitoring fuel dispensers can be shifted freely by one click. It is very fast and convenient.

all the transaction data are summarized in real time. The shift and day operation can be accounted very easily to save the pump attendant time and cost.

Receipts can be printed easily. The company LOGO can be printed on the receipts for advertisement to expand the petrol station influence.

Tank loading statistics can be recorded easily.

The system supports data uploading and downloading directly to the headquarters management system.


CSM back office system

Intelligent petro card issuance module:

1. Customer card, by amount or volume; VIP company card and individual customer card. Different customers have different choices.

2. Master card and Daughter card as well as credit card can be issued for VIP fleet customers. Master card can allocate the amount flexibly to Daughter card for different vehicle for easy and efficient management.

3. Fuel attendant card is mainly for retail sales by cash.

4. Internal card is mainly for own usage in petrol station.

5. loyalty card is available with two types : smart chip card and bar code card. The loyalty card is designed mainly for the retail individual customers. The loyalty card policy makes the promotion flexible, increases the viscosity of retail customers and improves the sales volume of oil stations.

6. Labor performance card. Each employee has his own performance card. different workloads with different assessment results, more work and more salary. it fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of employees, improves employee’s work efficiency.

7. Maintenance card is special for station’s maintenance.

Based on the intelligent petro card category, different promotion policies can be made.

1. Promotions based on the fuel amount.

2. Promotions based on the fuel volume.

3. Different promotion by fueling time / payment / oil product / account type etc.

Different management level with different authority level makes sure the data security.

Tank management. Without ATG, all the loading data can be input manually. If with ATG, all the tank data such as loading, oil product level, water level as well as the temperature can be displayed real time in the system.

Promotion gift management. All the purchase, sale and inventory of gifts can be displayed clearly in the system. Different gifts exchange different points in loyalty card. All the data is very convenient for query.

Fueling Points can be put manually or automatically. Short cut operation to redeem gifts save time.

SMS module, refueling will be automatically notified to the manager/customer, they can also send SMS query.

Transaction data can be stored by oil products / customers / payment / time. All kinds of reports can be processed according to various query conditions. The shift and daily reports can be generated rapidly. If problem happens, the red line will mark it. All the operation are done so easily and efficiently.

All the parameters can be easily configured in the system.


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  • EGX fuel dispenser | for industrial customers | Eaglestar
  • EGX fuel dispenser | for industrial customers | Eaglestar