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EG800 Smart Console

The solution to manage your Delivery, Sales and Inventory in gas station!


EG800 Smart Console

Automatically monitor the oil level, water level, temperature for the tanks.

Automatically calculate the oil, water and empty tank’s volume.

Automatically create the shift report, delivery report and inventory report.

Automatically alarm for high, high-high and low, low-low level of oil and water.

Automatically calibrate the tank volume (with back office management system).

EG800 Smart Console features :

The New ARM processor and Linux system make the console work reliable and stable.

All the industrial electronic components are with high quality, which enable the console to work in the high and low temperature environment.

EG800 Console support multi communication way such as MODEM, TCP/IP, GPRS, GSM etc. The console can be easily interfaced to back office management system to manage the whole station’s business.

The console software can be easily upgraded through flash disk. Fast and efficient.

Colorful touch screen display makes the operation easy and comfortable.

The console can control maximum 12 tanks.


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  • EGX fuel dispenser | for industrial customers | Eaglestar