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L-CNG filling station

L-CNG fueling station is a kind of multifunctional station that takes LNG as working medium. It can supply CNG to all kind of CNG converted vehicles and special large volume CNG semi-trailer. It has the functions of CNG mother station, CNG standard station and CNG daughter station.


L-CNG filling station Summary

Pressurizing LNG to pressure 20-25MPA from storage tank to air-heated vaporizer, then vaporize to CNG, lastly refuel to ehicle through CNG dispenser. The advantage is that cost is much lower than CNG, and saved energy. This station consists of LNG storage tank, Cryogenic high-pressure plunger pump, Air-heated Vaporizer, Water-bath type aporizer (optiona). riority panel (optional), CNG storage tank, CNG dispenser, L-CNG control cabinet.


Installation manual
Case pictures
  • EGX fuel dispenser | for industrial customers | Eaglestar
  • EGX fuel dispenser | for industrial customers | Eaglestar