Canopy Installation Of Eaglestar Skid-mounted Fuel Dispenser Or Mobile Fuel Dispenser

Mac 2022-04-14

As mentioned before, Eaglestar skid-mounted fuel dispenser or Eaglestar mobile fuel dispenser is a new popular one in recent two years among our brilliant products, such as EG1, EG3, EG5 , EG6  and EG7 .


Here we introduce how to install the canopy of an Eaglestar mobile fuel dispenser of 10 cubic metres.


When installing a canopy of a mobile fuel dispenser, it needs to be suspended by a crane. Connect the fixing hole in the top bracket of the skid-mounted unit with the fixing hole in the canopy, and fix them by bolts. Lighting fittings and acousto-optic alarms are in the front end of the canopy, and they can be wired based on the specified label in the cable. Lighting cable and alarm cable are reserved at the rear of the canopy, and they can be wired based on the label in the cable and explosion-proof junction box cable.