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Fuel Dispenser Manufacturer Eaglestar Moved To New Home

Mac 2023-03-01
Congratulations on Eaglestar's move!


Recently, with the “Eaglestar” fuel dispenser going global, the professional fuel dispenser manufacturer - "Eaglestar" moved into a more spacious, brighter and more modern factory. Employees and customers around the world are delighted for it. The achievements of "Eaglestar" come from the constant exploration of fuel dispenser technology and the concern for the interests of customers and attribute to the effort and contribution from the service teams around the world.

The move reflects the global customer's recognition of “Eaglestar” fuel dispenser, and embarks on a new journey. In the new plant, our team of experts will continue to improve every technological process and continue to produce reliable fuel dispensers for our customers around the world. At the same time, they will also develop and design smarter, more advanced fuel dispensers to meet the diverse needs of different customers.