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Why No Calling Is A Must in A Fueling Station?

Mac 2022-04-13

When you come to a fueling station, it is easy to see a “No calling” sign in some conspicuous places, such as in or near the fuel dispensers.


According to the “Regulations for safety management of fueling stations”, communication tools are prohibited in fueling stations. This is because when you use a mobile, slight sparks may occur due to the on-off operation or aging wiring of your phone. Also, when using the fuel dispenser nozzle to fuel your car, the oil vapour inside your fuel tank will drift outward, and the oil vapour of the new oil being dispensed will evaporate into the air, thus causing a sharp increase of the oil vapour density around the fuel dispensers for sale. In the cloudy or foggy days, the air humidity is high, air pressure is low, air circulation is poor, the oil vapour density will increase correspondingly, which will cause the possibility of explosion caused by calling increase. 



In all, when you drive to the fueling station, be sure not to make phone calls. If you have to make a call, you shall be cautious and strictly follow the regulations of fueling stations. This is for the safety both of you and others.