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Innovation is the core spirit of Eaglestar. Innovation demonstrates in research & design, production, quality control and sales & service etc. every segment. Starting from the initial fuel dispenser products, Eaglestar expands the products to ATG and FMS, to provide one total solution for retail petroleum industry.

Eaglestar intelligent petro card fuel management system provides an overall solution for individual station and network stations. Both petro card and loyalty card are combined together to focus on various customers from VIP group customers to individual customers.

The intelligent petro card system can help the oil companies and petrol station as follows.

Offer flexible payment mode to make the fueling easily and rapidly, which can significantly improve the service for retail customers.

all the transaction data are summarized in real time. The shift and day operation can be accounted very easily to save the pump attendant time and cost.

Transaction data can be stored by oil products / customers / payment / time. All kinds of reports can be processed according to various query conditions. The shift and daily reports can be generated rapidly. If problem happens, the red line will mark it. All the operation are done so easily and efficiently.