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EGM fuel dispenser for tanker truck EGM fuel dispenser for tanker truck EGM fuel dispenser for tanker truck EGM fuel dispenser for tanker truck

EGM for tanker truck

One dispenser unit can be installed on the tank truck to be one movable station for fuelling in the mining, construction area, and other industry sites etc. Easy installation and easy maintenance. Flexible unit provide flow rate from standard duty to heavy duty.

EGM fuel dispenser for tanker truck EGM fuel dispenser for tanker truck EGM fuel dispenser for tanker truck EGM fuel dispenser for tanker truck

EGM series mobile fuel dispenser for tanker truck

Two different flow rate 50 LPM and 70 LPM (diesel only) are available for different requirements.

Optional 20 meters delivery hose are provided for more convenient operation.

With 12 or 24V DC motor and pump, the mobile fuel dispenser has various versatility and configuration for different customers in different environments.

High performance filter make sure the clean fuel for customers as well as the prolonged life time of flow meter.


Latest ARM Mainboard

Eaglestar's new generation STAR main board uses the latest ARM CPU processor to achieve more command feature, Easy configuration and high safety control.

More functions can be expanded on STAR main board such as printing, POS, Smart Card, Priority Card etc.

The high quality industrial electronic components ensure the excellent performance on power surge, electrostatic shock And electromagnetic interference

fuel dispenser ARM Mainboard


fuel dispenser Anti Power Fluctuation

Wheel device

The optional wheel device have a long hose. It can make the truck fueling more easy and more convenient.


Flow Meter

Flow meter is paramount on fuel dispenser unit. Eaglestar flow meter is engineered to retain its precision over complete lifetime. The unique internal structure and high quality components keep very less drift in the lifetime of the meter.

fuel dispenser Flow Meter

Technical data sheet

Technical Specification Chart


Standard flow rate(gasoline/diesel)

heavy duty(diesel)

flow rate





the flow rata will be subject to the submersible type on site





LCO display, white backlight


Sale: 6digits【0-9999.99]

Liter :6digits【0-9999.99



L0digits  liter/volume: 042949672.95

Other functions

Self - diagnosis,over voltage protection, stand by battery


16 buttons high quality membrane keypad for sale and liter preset

Row meter

soft piston positive displacement volume flow meter with high accuracy and long lifetime

Vane pump

Vane blade type pump with air separator combination with smooth running and low noise

Gear pump

Gear pump with air separation combination,by pass valve, two filters with strong suction and long lifetime


4 meters

Ex motor

Standard : 3 phase explosion proof motor, China top brand

Option: 1 phase explosion proof motor, China top brand

Automatic Nozzle

Standard:China top brand, Spout size:13/16"or15/16"  Option: OPW


Standard : Single



Breakaway coupling


Sight glass

3W sight glass or 1W sight glass

Emergency button


Filter (submersible)




Communication port

RS485 and current loop

Ex pulser

China top brand

Ex solenoid valve

Two stage control value, China top brand

Flexible pipe

1.5          thread flange connection

1.5                         thread connect to shut off valve

Other options

Please see the details in front pages for each series

*Subject to the detailed technical specification and features, please scan the QR code or contact Eaglestar distributors or sales engineers in your area.

Dimensions and ground layout
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Manual for installation
Case pictures
  • EGM fuel dispenser for tanker truck
  • EGM fuel dispenser for tanker truck