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Eaglestar Is Well Positioned For Green Energy Era

Mac 2023-03-15

As countries all over the world pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the demand for green energy and green travel is more and more vigorous. Governments around the world have also introduced corresponding policies to encourage the development of the green energy vehicle industry. The global electric vehicle market is growing by 68% a year, helped by policies. While the electric car market is expanding, the market for fuel vehicles will inevitably shrink in the future. As a traditional energy equipment manufacturer, Eaglestar actively layout the new energy field ahead of a rainy day, ready for the arrival of the green energy era.




Chargers for electric vehicles have recently appeared on Eaglestar’s production line, alongside many traditional refueling machines(fuel dispensers). These are green energy vehicle charging equipment developed by Eaglestar. As a professional manufacturer of refueling machines(fuel dispensers), Eaglestar has established a win-win relationship with gas station owners all over the world. In the tide of energy revolution, it is Eaglestar's bounden mission and responsibility to help gas station owners continue to keep brilliant in the green energy era. To this end, Eaglestar has invested a huge amount of manpower and capital to design and develop commercial electric vehicle charger and other related equipment. These devices are specially developed for the construction of commercial charging stations, which help the green transition from traditional gas stations to green energy charging stations.

The introduction of electric vehicle charger is just a starting point. Eaglestar will continue to increase investment in research and development, improve technical level, and actively explore the market and development opportunities in the field of green energy. We believe that with the efforts of Eaglestar , Eaglestar‘s customers and Eaglestar will have a better future.